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Many texts make up the narrative that you will read in the following pages for the text is a game, a game that may take you a few hours to play, or it may take 6 months, it is a game in which you may be captured and ensnared and enthralled, or it is one which in which you cast the pages aside for they are superfluous and inconsequential, dull. This is not marketplace fiction which has a form and a story; it will not move in a linear fashion from the beginning to the middle to the end.

Going somewhere? On a road trip to Namibia.
There are many stories that are written about Africa
•Stories of the land - that vast open space
•Stories of people - THE HOMOGENOUS PEOPLE – Africa has over 900 million people who are all starving and dying and emigrating and complaining and ….. But always Africa, it is stressed time and time again (time, does it mean distance or does it mean infinity or does it mean space)
•Stories of Africa, that Special Space - Africa, it is in my blood, my soul, I cannot leave Africa for it has crept into my heart

One cliché is banal - A thousand clichés are moving


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Seeking initial publication as well as Foreign Rights

Published as ebook (2015) - 191 pages - Illustrations

World Rights Available (incl. World English)


6h00 is Somewhere, and Many Hours Later Somewhere Else
By Barbara Adair