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Ancient Wisdom for Westerners

A Short Introduction to Tibetan Medicine

By Marilyn Magazin

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Dr Marilyn Magazin has worked in scientific and medical research for forty years. She has a Chemistry degree from the University of Kentucky and a doctoral degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Geneva. Thirty years ago she encountered Tibetan medicine which she then studied with Jacques Haesaert, a French naturopath and Tibetan medical doctor. She then went on to co-editing and translating his teachings from French to English, as well as translating more than 150 consultations. Dr Magazin then studied for three more years with Dr Lobsang Shrestha.

Tibetan medicine is an ancient and profound Buddhist medical tradition and philosophy. The holistic system of Tibetan medicine has proven over centuries to be extremely effective and complementary to modern Western medicine, especially for chronic diseases. Ancient Wisdom for Westerners offers a clear and practical introduction to this ancient wisdom.

One of the most striking differences between modern Western medicine and Tibetan medicine is how Tibetan medicine looks at health and disease from the energetic point of view, as well from an anatomic and physiological one. Tibetan medicine thus provides the answers to many questions about the human body and disease that can not be explained in terms of modern medical teachings.

Ancient Wisdom for Westerners explores the origins of Tibetan medicine and outlines Tibetan Buddhist terms. It offers explanations to the primary causes and conditions that give rise to sickness, how to avoid and treat them, and how to prevent them from reoccurring. It explains how the three subtle energies of Tibetan medicine are responsible for all bodily functions and gives examples of how nutrition and behaviour are conducive to good health. It also details accurate diagnostic methods, some of which are particularly useful for babies and small children.

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Published 2022 (Aeon Books) - ISBN: 9781913504960 – 164 pages – Paperback


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