Balto's Nose
By Thomas Thibeault

The Monuments Men and Women were the artists in uniform who tracked down the millions of masterpieces looted by the Nazis. They saved our civilization from its worst barbarism.


Glenn is a World War II veteran, one of the Greatest Generation, and spent most of the war searching for the treasures looted by the Nazi's. In his deadly race across Europe, Glenn discovered the masterpieces of a ruined civilization, and his own worth.


Time is running out for Glenn to share his life with his grandson, Michael. Now, he must take him on the same journey. He drags Michael to Sotheby’s, where their painting is sold for $3,700,000. Over a weekend, Glenn reveals that he was a Monuments Man. Glenn’s experiences bring Michael to an understanding of courage, duty, and character.


In the process, Michael learns of Edith Standen and Rose Valland and discovers the courage of the Monuments Women. Balto’s Nose speaks to any reader interested in history, art, looting and restitution, personal development, and human value.


'This book takes the reader on a journey through war-torn Germany with a military crew that is hunting down and recovering artworks stolen by the Nazis. It's a fascinating subject and an exciting read. It is obvious that an enormous amount of research went into the writing of this book. I am inspired to hopefully someday go and see some of the recovered works, particularly Jan van Eyck's Adoration of the Mystic Lamb. Highly recommend!' - Reader review from Amazon 


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Published 2014 (Ridgetop Press)

ISBN: 9780983661801 - 332 pages - Paperback

Rights: World