Book 2 of the Rémy Trilogy

By Lara Reims

Black Out - Lara Reims

What will you do when a friend's life is at stake?


For a moment your life is good, and you can breathe. but than your best friend disappears and you get involved in someone else's secret. Before you know it, you are searching again. 


Rémi is still trying to find answers to his questions, when at the same time he is looking for his lost friend. He is not trusting anyone anymore. But than help comes from an unexpected corner.


He comes closer to the truth about himself, with help of the latest inventions from the Creodroom. He also succeeds in finding a lead into his missing friends case. But than his world stops again.

Additional Information :

Published 2019 (Hamley Books) 

ISBN: 9789463886024 - 300 pages - Hardback 

Rights: World