By Robert Lankamp

Yze is expelled from his hometown. It’s his own fault, and he tries to apologize. But nobody wants him back. For Yze drifts, then he finds solid footing, then he is expelled again. At one point he puts down roots in a place called Hotel Bolivia, an abandoned building by Cloud Lake. Yze is joined by figures, some from his past, who want him out. Yze leaves. He thinks he can undo the changes in his life by revisiting the old places.


Yze’s friend Pantaleon, who is a Cloud Indian wizard, believes he can undo change by creating an imitation of the past. Neither Yze nor Pantaleon succeed in bringing back what once was. Still, they refuse to believe that change is inevitable. Other inhabitants of Hotel Bolivia have their own issues with time going by, such as Agnes/Moonbeam, for whom time has gone by too quickly, or the local jazz legend Bogeyman Bones, who believes that change is caused by the loss of innocence. The only person not bothered by change is Yze’s nemesis Mr. Cruz. This is because he is the cause of it.



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