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Books by Garth Hallberg


Garth Hallberg writes topical and engaging fiction about contemporary, highly relatable characters whose personal conflicts and issues are not separate from their political, moral, and social concerns. In other words, novels with a message, tailor-made for this time of Trump. He believes literature needs to have a louder voice to help save a country and planet in peril from the deep divisions in politics, scientific and religious beliefs, and nations and peoples.


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Praise for Hallberg’s books:


‘A darkly comic tale of America's "exceptionalism.“’ – Publishers Weekly (Boon Juster)


‘Hallberg's novel features a rich cast of characters that seem mined right out of a Carl Hiaasen novel, with situations so mordantly comic that they might have been freshly rejected from a Tom Robbins story....While this is a large and ambitious novel (would we expect less from a book proclaiming to give the reason for everything?) the pacing is fast, the characters are likable, and the mystery is just delicious enough to keep you turning the page.’ -  San Francisco Book Review (Boon Juster)‘...An urbane think-piece of a novel on alleged moon-landing--and baseball and business and marriage--lies, not to be mistaken for a sci-fi thriller.’ - Kirkus Reviews (Boon Juster)


‘Garth Hallberg has written a clever, compelling fable that puts a new spin on global warming and the fate of our small planet.' — James Patterson (The Eleventh Grieve)

'Garth Hallberg's The Piketty Problem was a well-balanced fusion of opposites to create a really satisfying whole: a funny tone mixed with a serious message, and a plot both highly personal and highly political. With expertly-created characters, a fast-paced plot, and a totally unique writing style, this book was a complete winner for me. Its topicality was the icing on the cake: contemporary America was very clearly seen in its pages, and Donald Trump loomed as large as the giant inflatable Ronald McDonald (Ronald sounds very like Donald...) that floats above Dealy's restaurant. I give this book a full 4 out of 4 stars and recommend it to anyone who likes a deft plot, great characters, humorous writing, or something to think about once you have finished reading.' - (The Piketty Problem)

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