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Books by Izai Amorim


“Make me think, make me laugh, make my day!”

That’s why Izai Amorim reads and writes books. He has great interest in the interplay of media, information, and politics in a globalized world and the quest for identity and borders in a worldwide cultural melting pot. Izai was born and raised in Brazil but spent most of his adult life abroad, briefly in the USA, mostly in Germany.


He was trained as an architect and worked many years in this profession. But his real passion is story telling. At some point in his life he decided to mix storytelling with architecture, changed professions, and became a branding consultant, something that he loves and has been doing to this day.


His first novel, The Games, is a humorous but dark, even mean, political thriller. This mother of all conspiracies shows how information is processed to create and spread the stories needed to establish power structures not accountable to anyone. 


His second novel, On the Run, gives you an insightful, twisted, humorous, and often disturbing view of conflicting worlds and beliefs: North and Latin America; black, brown, and white; rich and poor; rational and esoteric – and shows how they mix, match, and clash. More than a contemporary story of survival, it’s a journey of self-discovery.


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Liberty Farm - Izai Amorim
The Games
On the Run

Praise for Amorim's Books


'This is a well-written and fun book, as well as a cutting commentary of European social politics and big business in general. An enjoyable, unique read.' - Reader review (The Games)


What an amazing read!! This is the funniest book I have read in a while and the author has a style I haven't seen before. I haven't laughed out loud with a book in quite a while and did so throughout the book. Very refreshing and very appealing in my opinion. One of the things I love is the way he uses politically correct language to show how wrong some of it is. It so stupid it is funny. Well done! - Reader review on (The Games)


What an unusual book! It begins with Pablo involved in a shooting which was a set up. We then learn that Colombians and Fed’s are all after him which leads to him going on the run. What a fascinating tale then unfolds as we follow Pablo on his incredible journey. This takes him on a voyage of self discovery through many areas of his life both past and present as he travels to the future. - Reader review on (On the Run)

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