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Born in Canada, raised in Ireland,Thomas Thibeault now lives in the United States with his wife, Anna, and their fifteen cats. He has retired from a thirty-year teaching career, which has taken him to Russia, England, the Middle East, and the Far East. Those travels also involved working as a deck hand, soldier, truck driver in Africa, art model in Ireland, train brakeman in Canada, and a tour guide at the Pyramids.


Thomas brings a wealth of experience to writing which expresses our primal experiences. Half a century of wide reading, wider traveling, and concentrated thinking have provoked Thomas into writing.


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Balto's Nose - Thomas Thibealt
Man who Stole Himself - Thomas Thibeault
Fake - Thomas Thibeault

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'Balto's Nose is a mind expanding book for lovers of historical fiction; those who have read a few and have not been impressed; and those new to the genre. Knowing that the facts are authentic, makes one knowing that the characters are imaginary hard to believe. The main characters would be considered heroes in any decade. The feeling of patriotism evoked by reading the book lingers long after the book concludes. The fine balance between the protagonists and antagonists results in the reader wanting to cheer or "boo" them. The genuineness of the dialogue from dramatic to humorous and back again never ceases to surprise the reader. One actually feels as if one is eavesdropping. The reader becomes not only educated in the facts of the looting of treasures by the Nazis during World War Two; but, also, learns about the looted treasures. This knowledge can lead to further researching the treasures mentioned to actually being able to see them on-line. Upon completion of the book, one is left with not only new knowledge; but, also, a sadness that the book has ended.' - Reader Review on Amazon - 5 stars


'This historical novel of the U.S. Civil War provided insight for me into the lives of Admiral Francis Du Pont (memorialized in DuPont Circle, Washington, DC) and Robert Smalls, a slave whose daring seamanship freed not only himself, family, and friends. A good read and well-researched!' - Reader Review on Amazon (for Man Who Stole Himself) - 5 stars

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