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Books by Marcus Campbell


Marcus Campbell was born in New Zealand in 1951. He studied English literature and drama (BA, Wellington 1972) set-design (MA, California 1974) and directing (MFA, Canada 1979) then pursued a career in theatre as a designer, director, actor and writer.  His plays have been performed in Auckland, Seattle, Juneau (Alaska) and Greenwich Village (New York) and selected for the NZ National Playwrights’ Workshop (1983).  He was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship (1977) the Frank Sargeson Award for short story writing (1981, see: OUP New Zealand Short Stories, 1983, reprinted as Cabernet Sauvignon with my Brother) and has been a semi-finalist in the Katherine Mansfield short story competition. His first novel, A Blue Forest, appeared in 2015.




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Death of the Hawk
A Blue Forest
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