Boon Juster

Or the Reason for Everything

By Garth Hallberg

Self-Publishing Review Awards 2014—One of two novels "Commended"

Finalist in Adult General Fiction in the Foreword Review's 2014 Book of the Year Awards

Award winning, genre defying novel!

Praised by readers & reviewers from both sides of the political aisle!

'An Unpredictable Novel! A novel worth reading requires that the reader see and feel suspense and intrigue I found in Boon Juster. Without this you would just stop reading. I found the development of the characters captivating and believable. The story didn't tire me out like so many books and honestly I didn't see the ending at all. I vote for Tom Hanks to play the part of Tom Hammock.' — Reader Review Peter Flatow


Humorous, satirical, even literary, but deadly serious and thought-provoking about the mess that America is in. Not for the close-minded, this darkly comic Big Apple romp—featuring aging prep-school buddies, sexy broads, loony billionaires, cutthroat realtors, a Georgetown based "consultant" who looks after the final delusions of "astronuts," a politically incorrect family of fakers and fixers, and even a cameo appearance by Babe Ruth—will leave you wondering if the Apollo program was where America started to go wrong.


'Hallberg plants seeds of doubt about the Apollo moon landings in this social satire.…ruminating on love, loss, prestige, greed, baseball (including the game’s secret origins) and the struck-out American dream.…The message is that in a Great Recession USA of middle-class downsizings, lapsed idols, lying presidents, and cheating banks, the moon landing remains one thing Americans can point to with pride—so why not suspect it of being just another instance of government-military–corporate-media fakery?

…Mordant, Stendhal-like literary approach. An urbane think-piece of a novel on alleged moon-landing—and baseball and business and marriage—lies.' — Kirkus Reviews



Additional Information:

Independently published 2014 (TRFE)

ISBN: 9780991377039 - 506 pages - Paperback

World Rights Available (incl. World English)