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Brain Stages

How to Raise Smart, Confident Kids and have Fun Doing It

By Patricia Wilkinson and Jacqueline Frischknecht, PHD

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Patricia Wilkinson spent twenty-three years in the classroom, where she had the rare, wonderful opportunity to teach all the  elementary school grades. Throughout that time, she  developed numerous games and activities to facilitate learning.

Jacqueline Frischknecht learned her undergraduate degree in education from the University of Colorado and an MA in library science and PhD in communication from the University of Denver. She authored or coauthored eight books on education.

Enjoy your kids more and stress less!


Brain Stages is the ultimate leg up for parents and caregivers in today’s complicated, competitive world. A grade-by-grade guide through the formative elementary school years, this book will show you how to have fun with your kids as you help them grow into successful, well-adjusted humans.


Drawing from thousands of hours of research and decades of education experience, veteran teacher Patricia Wilkinson and learning expert Jacqueline Frischknecht, PhD, offer tools and advice that will boost your child’s brainpower, social skills, and love for learning.

In Brain Stages, you’ll discover:

  • How brains develop and what you can do to help your child succeed

  • The best form of praise that builds confidence and self-esteem

  • Surefire ways to help a struggling child get caught up in math or reading

  • How to get your gifted child’s needs met

  • Ideas for helping an anxious child relax for better learning

  • Tips for teaching kids the art of building healthy relationships

  • Over 150 fun games and activities to engage and nurture young minds


Whether you have a child who has fallen behind, an extra smart kid you want to keep intrigued, or a grade-schooler who could use some help getting along with others, Brain Stages will give you the information and support you need to be an effective parent and enjoy your child-raising journey.



Additional Information:

Published 2018 (Sandra Jonas Publishing) - ISBN: 9780985581503 – 356 pages - Paperback

Rights: World

Sold: Simpl. Chinese

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