Christopher Plum & the eye of Terror (10+)

Christopher Plum Series, part 2

By Tamara Geraeds


For fans of Rick Riordan

The 'Christopher Plum' series is based in Arthurian mythology and is an exciting adventure for ages 10+

When it suddenly gets dark an hour earlier than usual in Schemerpoort, Christopher and Elizabeth understand that something magical must be going on.


They soon find out that a magical eye has been stolen in Turkey and that the daylight is slowly disappearing. They will have to retrieve the eye. But before the mission has even started, something goes horribly wrong.


The two knights must do everything in their power to get themselves to safety so they can dispel the darkness.



Additional Information:

To be published 2021 (Dutch Venture Publishing) - Reading sample in English available - ISBN: 9789492585868 – Hardback, ebook, audio - 50.000 words - Rights: World

According to Tamara Geraeds, life is too short to get bored. That's why her stories are always fast-paced, and there are surprises around every corner. Fantasy is Tamara's favorite genre. She's still trying to find her own magical powers. So far she has dicovered the power of writing and hugging.