American veterans travel around the island of Ireland and then across post Second World War Europe where they observe uneasy compromises being made for a world where peace is being built up with far more social justice than before. For some however, altruistic hope is only bolstered by initiatives that set sights on a time beyond austerity and a continuing dominant social conservatism as they are on the periphery of new considerations or beset by the immediate onset of the Cold War which seems to solder them to something more stagnating and sour.


This is the backdrop to a story that started out as a self-discovery trip to Ireland – for a soldier making sense of the consequences of a recent worldwide peace. Seventy years later with a fulfilled life behind him, he is contacted by a contemporary Irish man in his 20s. As he recounts his post-World War Two adventure story to a riveted listener he describes how an intervention on behalf of some particularly vulnerable people in late 1940’s Irish society morphed into an epic trans-European trip where an even greater journey sometimes levered open thin-skinned matters that have been covered over or buried by the early ways employed for the re-counting of history in the immediate decades after World War Two.


It is all part of the lived experience that the old man wants to convey and it is a sweeping story bolstered by era-accurate and other background events where wider accumulated insights and wisdom of what is imparted ensure that the particular ‘Conscience Baton’ held preciously by the elderly veteran is passed on to the interested, absorbing younger man as he makes his own sense of societal sensitivities which can sometimes continue to distort ‘the underlying truth’ of what happens in the wider world for disparate reasons.



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Conscience Baton

By Stephen Rea

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