Considering Muesli

And Other Crunchy Bits of Life

By Mieke Vuijk & Illustrations by Emiel Geerdink

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Mieke Vuijk (1962) and Emiel Geerdink (1963) have a history of making books together: they produced a collection of illustrated poems, a Bestiarium, a book on the subject of Twitter (#Bullshit) and The idiom of public space.

In 2014 they made Zen, followed (in 2019) by Considering Muesli.


Mieke studied Languages and Literature, and was the co-author of books on Management speak, and The use of language in advertising. Emiel studied Graphic Design & Illustrating and produced a graphic novel: The holographic testament by Belcampo.

'Humour me' is a leading motto in their joint endeavors.


'Considering Muesli makes me laugh every time I pick it up for a quick read. It’s playful but with a serious undertone stressing the importance of communication.' 


‘Maximize your read to three stories per time.  The book then lasts longer. It’s worth it.’


'I love Ant and her friends! Their conversations take up no more time than a text message on your iPhone.'


'If Rembrandt had a prize named after him it should go to the artist who illustrated this book. Perfect symbiosis.'

Considering Muesli and other crunchy bits of life takes the classic fable to another level. Its snappy, witty, funny, sometimes cheeky takes on modern day issues like Brexit, Buddhism, breastfeeding in public, global warming or a simple thing like cheese will put an instant smile on your face.


Greatly enlarged by the awesome full color illustrations. Considering muesli is an ode to diversity and friendship. Life may suck, be beautiful or seem increasingly complicated but all things considered (including muesli) it's worth sharing. Enjoy the read.

'Why should children have all the fun?! Excited to see a grown up version of a picture book. Adults too need bedtime stories that will put them to sleep with a smile  on their face!'

Additional Information :

Not yet published - All rights available (incl. World English)

Complete English manuscript available - Approx. 80 pages

Right: World (incl. World English)