Contango Castle Café

A Novel

By Stephen Rea

The White House makes a low-key announcement about a couple of data sticks that have gone missing. Few take notice but those that do all end up in an off-grid place in Ireland called The Contango Castle Cafe. In an age where walls, borders and internet boundaries can be vaulted with relative ease,  for some in authority it’s not nearly as bad as the whole thing being swirl-around-the-world public. For now it is all ultra-quiet. That buys time but it does not make it any more penetrable and it could be a private sector counterpart of the PRISM programme.


While torn jeans, jazz and the planet matter more to those in the connected cafe culture world of the eclectic people who swarm to Dublin from everywhere, out in the field Suits in shades must avoid inflated egos as they shuffle for position with insider experts and sweating software shakedown specialists who seem sidelined in the cultural whirlwind. When even connoisseur consultants cannot get a fix that makes sense, status quo powers start to worry that their top-down world is losing its grip and they sanction a bunch of unorthodox approaches that make it all more topsy-turvy than ever.


Written in a highly accessible style that leans back on a time when kicking back against the clear-cut conventional and conforming norms of a stifling world opened up the paths for a new counter-culture, The Contango Castle Cafe is a type of twenty-first century William Burroughs, Flann O’Brien and Hunter S. Thompson crossed odyssey – but where the existential adventures of life have now become mainstream. It is still about escapism but also about having the confidence to appreciate experiences over accumulation and accept culture as an evolving thing which needs to value difference with much that emerges as overt expressions of identity.



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