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A Particular Madness
By Sheldon Russell

Particular Madness

Dr. Sheldon Russell is the author of eleven books, including his award-winning historical ction and his popular Hook Runyon mystery series. His work has garnered two Oklahoma Book Awards for Fiction, a Langum Prize for American Historical Fiction, a Spur Award for Best Western Historical Novel of 2020 from the Western Writers of America, and starred reviews from both Booklist and Publishers Weekly.


Russell is a Professor Emeritus of the Univ. of Central Oklahoma. He and his wife Nancy, a sculptor, currently live on the ranch where he grew up. Russell’s upbringing in the Gloss Mountains of Oklahoma has provided him a rich background for understanding the struggles of life in rural America.

Growing up in the rural impoverishment of post-Depression Oklahoma, and
surrounded by feuding family factions, free-spirited Jacob Roland hungers for
knowledge and a world beyond his reach.

But dark forces are growing in Jacob, twisting with the same ruthless,
relentless power of a tornado across the Oklahoma prairies. Jacob battles
against these aberrant forces, but, trapped by poverty and a growing
mental illness, he is thwarted at every turn. For every light—a chance
at college, the love of a poised, sophisticated woman—there is a greater
darkness within him.

Failed by circumstance, community, and his own mental health, is
there an escape for Jacob’s bright, wounded spirit, or will he forever be a
prisoner of a particular madness?

'Sheldon Russell's latest book, A Particular Madness, is a must-read. The story is so unique and well written that one simply cannot stop turning the pages. Dr. Russell's fund of knowledge, along with his description and language of a day gone by, for most, builds as each page is turned. Although this is a work of fiction, there is a reality that gives the reader pause to consider "what if?" The reader cannot help but wonder as a new chapter is turned what will happen next. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to compare this book to others with similar themes, as it is that unique.'Richard Moore, PhD, former Fort Supply Asylum counselor


Additional Information:

Published 2021 (Cynren Press)

ISBN: 9781947976269 – Hardback - 312 pages

Rights: World

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