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By Marcus Campbell

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For two weeks in July 1987, Marcus Campbell kept a journal as he walked about the Holy Mountain, searching for the place in which to spend the rest of his days.


He hoped to meet, in a monastery, cave or hut in the wilderness a particular man, a geronda (elder) or pnevmatikos (‘spirit-filled’ guide) to whom he could entrust himself, body and soul.

This vivid account, including the author’s journal of those days, was intended to provide a picture of Mount Athos as he found it, for family and friends, especially women friends, who could never visit it themselves.


A highlight of the book is the author’s encounter with the Elder Paisios (1924-94) who in 2015 was canonized a saint of the Greek Orthodox Church.


Additional Information :

Independently Published 2019 - ISBN: 9781704065885 - 307 Pages

Paperback - World Rights

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