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Cuddle Journal© (age 6-12)

To be used in combination with the cuddle cards for kids

By Margot Janssen & Yvonne van Meteren

Sold approx. 100.000 copies


At the request of many users of Cuddle Cards© this journal has been published so that various activities can now be added as optional extras.

This journal teaches kids how to express yourself. This is done through a hands-on approach through easy questions that put everyone at ease. Kids can do this at home, in school, alone or with others. In this journal all 52 drawings have been enlarged while on the opposite page 4 questions are given that relate to the picture on the left. By colouring the pictures in the way the child thinks fit and by answering the questions a personal diary may eventually emerge that may be of lasting value. Leafing through the pages of this journal at a later stage may be a joy to both child and adult. 

As a parent it gives you an insight into the feelings of your child, about the way they feel about certain theme's, and the way they experience it.

Additional Information:

Published 2007 (Dutch) - Complete English & German Translation

ISBN: 9789085080169 – 112 pages - Ringbind

Rights: World (excl. Dutch)

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