Deadly Waters
A DI Andy Horton Mystery (2)

By Pauline Rowson

'Rowson adds an appealing hero to the British Police Procedural ranks.' - Kirkus Reviews (USA) 


Ambition, murder, adultery... Horton has only a week to find a killer...

When a woman, the head teacher of a struggling local school, is found brutally murdered in Langstone Harbour DI Andy Horton is appointed to lead the investigation – but not for long if Superintendent Uckfield has his way. Horton is given only a week to find the killer, after that he will be shunted off the case. Horton now has a point to prove as well as a complex murder case to solve. A note was found on the victim – Have you forgotten ME? – along with money wrapped up in a five-pound note and dripping with honey. Is there a clue in 'The Owl and the Pussy-cat' rhyme?


Is it simply a senseless murder by an unhinged killer or does someone close to the head have a motive for murder? As Horton delves deeper into the investigation, aided by Sergeant Cantelli, the tension mounts. With the clock ticking Horton is soon forced to take a decision that will put his life on the line . . .


'Fast moving, really intriguing plot, good characters. I love this writer. Am going through them in order.' - Reader Review on Amazon



Additional Information:

Published 2008 (Severn House Publ.)

European Rights Available (excl. Poland, Italy, Ireland & Greece)