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Death of the Hawk

and Other Stories

By Marcus Campbell

Death of the Hawk

'This collection of 17 stories displays all Marcus Campbell’s gifts as a short story writer. Against the background of provincial New Zealand in the latter half of the 20th century, his characters are drawn with humour and compassion, redolent of their time and place, yet as credibly alive today as they ever were. Campbell’s chiselled and sparkling prose and his talent for dialogue make this collection a joy to read, not just once but many times. It’s a bedside book of stories to dip into regularly, always to find some new slant on the vagaries of human nature. This edition has been illustrated by Peter Barrett, whose delicate line drawings capture the atmosphere of the stories: a mixture of charm and sting-in the-tail, a kind of sweet astringency.
Highly recommended' - Reader review on Amazon (5 star)


'Each story pulled me right in. I find it astonishing that the author can write a story of maybe 10 pages within which he has created fully developed characters, people I quickly could visualise, understand and root for. Beautifully written, witty and smart. He has a unique way with words. Quite a talented writer. Let's see more from him.' - Reader review on Amazon (5 star)


These stories depict, with affection and humour, aspects of provincial life in New Zealand during the 1960’s and ’80’s. They have a lightly cutting edge that can only be achieved with detachment, distance and time.

The stories in this book are short narratives, only ten or twelve pages long, but with a clear and often dramatic thread of plot. The author sees them as tiny crucibles, or even chrysalises. The life before and after - of caterpillar and butterfly - is sketched or hinted at with vividness and humor, but each focuses upon a painful moment of turmoil, realization or change, and results in a surprising development. In Marcus Campbell's work the shocking and wonderful are born of the mundane. His stories depict the daily life of New Zealanders in the now very distant 1960's and '80's. They have a slight cutting edge that can only be achieved by detachment, distance and time.



Additional Information :

Published 2019 - ISBN: 9781696837422 - 285 pages - Paperback

French translation available

Rights: World

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