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Deep within the Vulnerable I

7 Lessons On the Possibility of Psychological Power

By Patrick De Vleeschauwer

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Patrick De Vleeschauwer worked for 25 years as a psychologist with the most vulnerable and broken people in the world of psychiatric disorders, congenital and non-congenital intellectual disabilities and internees. He was able to get to know the sensitive and very fragile mind very thoroughly and from very close.


In addition, He traveled the world for 25 years giving lectures and workshops on self-actualization and emotional intelligence. He got to know the learning mind in search of its highest potentials thoroughly, during many dia-logues.

Imagine participating in an expedition with the most memorable leaders, artists, healers and scientists who ever walked this planet: an exploration to the deep source of our mind's fragility. Along the way, we also discover the roots of our timeless psychological power. We search for the path of the possibility to live an inspiring life that is worth living enthusiastically - together.

The pandemic, which hit many exceptionally hard, was immediately followed by an unprecedented geopolitical crisis with accompanying humanitarian, environmental and energy crises. We live in a time of remarkably severe emotional challenges for our sensitive minds.

This expedition describes how we can learn to discover and strengthen the potential powers of our own minds; and in addition, it offers an ethical and aesthetic perspective on an emotionally liveable future.


This book is a guide to using our fragile minds; deeply rooted in the latest sciences; including seven experiential exercises to take control of your life from your psychological power. It is a guide for all people seeking a creative solution to cope with this particularly challenging world.

Additional Information :

To be published - English translation available - approx 161 pages

Rights: World (incl. World English)

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