Dex: Quick 'n Dirty (New Adult)

The WWW Series - Book 1

By M. Hillers

M. Hillers kept diaries as a teenager and wrote mostly about her experiences going out with friends, including the requisite love stories. In particular, that period has inspired her to write the WWW series about four boys: Dex, Kai, Liam and Collin.

Her stories revolve around passion and love combined with a little bit of drama.

A New Adult sensation that has taken Holland by storm - 3.000 copies sold in the first year!

WWW is a series of four storylines revolving around best friends Dex, Kai, Liam, and Collin. These young guys are all crazy about women. They love to flirt. They love the challenge and the chase. They know no boundaries and live life to the fullest. After all, you only live once. When they each meet their One True Love, they think they’ve won before the game has even started. But if winning was that easy, what would be the fun?

Dex moves in with his best friends Kai, Liam, and Collin. The house they live in belongs to Kai and parties, girls, booze and fun are a part of everyday life. When Dex meets Mila, he immediately falls for her. Long blonde hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous body, that’s all it takes to mesmerize him.

After a series of unexpected encounters, Dex and Mila get to know each other better and grow closer. However, one thing is keeping Dex from truly opening his heart for Mila: the one thing he will never be able to give to her.

It should be so simple.
We should be together, just like that.
I know that Mila can never be mine. I’m simply not good enough for her.
We are so different.
But I love her and I always will, no matter the circumstances, no matter what.
I love Mila, my Blue Eyes.


Additional Information :

Published 2018 (Dutch/Dutch Venture Publishing) - Complete English translation - ISBN: 9789492792068 - 329 pages (90.000 wrds) - Paperback


World Rights Available (Excl. Dutch, World English)

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