Dex: Slow 'n Sexy (New Adult)

The WWW Series - Book 2

By M. Hillers

M. Hillers kept diaries as a teenager and wrote mostly about her experiences going out with friends, including the requisite love stories. In particular, that period has inspired her to write the WWW series about four boys: Dex, Kai, Liam and Collin.

Her stories revolve around passion and love combined with a little bit of drama.

A New Adult sensation that has taken Holland by storm - 3.000 copies sold in the first year!

Dex knows Nicky is right about Mila: she is a princess and he is a pauper. The only thing he should be focusing on is earning all the money back that he lost ever since he met Mila. She’s a magnet for trouble. Derek is expecting him to keep his head cool for the jobs ahead.
But no matter how hard Dex tries, Mila won’t leave his thoughts. And when fate throws them back together again, he realizes that fighting against his feelings is useless – he should be fighting the good fight to win the heart of his Blue Eyes instead.

It’s all so simple.
I know that Mila should be mine. I want to be good enough for her.
We are similar in many ways.
I will fight for her love, no matter the circumstances, no matter what.
I love Mila, my Blue Eyes.


Additional Information :

Published 2018 (Dutch/Dutch Venture Publishing) - Complete English translation - ISBN: 9781386202240 - 90.000 wrds - Ebook


World Rights Available (Excl. Dutch, World English)

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