Diego Dazzler & the Return of the Eagle (10+)
By Maurits van Huijstee.

Maurits van Huijstee is married, has 3 children. And just like everyone else he wants to make the world a better place. Writing children's books is what he loves doing most. http://www.diegozonnesteek.nl/

‘Thrilling, funny, imaginative. Diego wants a better world, just like the rest of us.’ – Pieter Winsemius – Former Secretary of the Dutch department of Environment (VROM)


‘My daughter disappeared for days. Now she wants to follow in my footsteps.’ – Marjan Minnesma, chairman Urgenda


Diego Dazzler is the child that hears and feels and sees everything. He is in touch with the Magic Field. Against his will, the connection only becomes stronger. Things are not going well in his country. Due to strange, tempestuous weather and harvests fail, people are driven out of their homes. It is because of Terrafos, that yellowish green syrupy stuff that the country uses for energy. In secret, the old inventor Amita works with Diego and his friends on a plan to save the country for good from Terrafos, with clean energy. However, Krudon Kragt, the big boss of Terrafos, is ruthlessly hunting for everyone that is trying to undermine his power. In order to fight against Krudon Kragt, Diego has to face his greatest fear: the Magic Field.


Diego Dazzler & the Return of the Eagle is part II of a series. With over 200 reviews (5 stars) this is a book you need to read!



Additional Information:

Published 2012

ISBN: 9789491475054 – 352 pages - Paperback

Rights: World (excl. Latin-America & Scandinavia)

KvK nr.:  60491833

VAT nr: NL002160634B54

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