Down from the Stars
By John Fraser

In Down from the Stars, John Fraser's latest speculative novel, an assistant to a distinguished astrophysicist, is tormented by the fate of the Soviet space dog, Laika, incinerated above the earth. Losing the confidence of his master, and losing his girlfriend, he is increasingly drawn into local political life.


Having an affinity with the arts, he becomes responsible for the policy of art tourism, which, with organised crime, is the speciality of the place. After many adventures and disasters, and growing complicity with criminality, a new boss forces him and his associates to leave.


Destitute, and disillusioned with science and art, he makes an approach to nature, visiting an African wildlife lodge. He is joined by an associate, a former dancer. Together, he decides, they will rise again, and resume their destinies as 'stars.'



Additional Information:

Published 2013 (Aesop Publ.)

ISBN: 9780992758868 - 206 pages - Paperback

World Rights Available