Would you choose survival or extinction?

By Joanne Carlton

Dust - Joanne Carlton

Sandra J. Paul is a bilingual author who publishes under the names Sandra J. Paul (youth and adult psychological thrillers) and Joanne Carlton (young adult, fantasy, paranormal). She first became published in 2015 and has since then been awarded several times for her books.


She was the runner up in the first Aspe Award-thriller short story competition (2015) that earned her a publication of her short story in over 35,000 copies.

In 2018 she was chosen for the London Author Book Club Anthology with her novels Heart-Beat and Kill Me Again. She was also selected as one of the debut authors to watch for the London Book Fair 2018.

Her novel Heart-Beat was chosen as the Young Adult of the Year 2018 on the very popular online book club Thrillers and more.

Her psychological thriller Lost (Kwijt) was chosen as Thriller of the Year 2019 on Thrillers and More and was one of the fifteen books on the Hebban Thriller of the year 2019 long list (out of 390 books).

Her thriller Dust (Stof) was one of the nineteen thrillers of the year 2019 on Hebban.

She was nominated for Cultural Awards 2018 in her hometown.

Her novel Hell City reached the semi-finals of the Coverfly Short Story Screenplay Competition and reached the 55th position out of 1300 entries.

Simon James is just a regular guy living a normal life. Until August 4th, when the dust poisons the world.

Three weeks and millions of deaths later, the end is near and there are no miracles left, except for one. A miracle that needs Simon James.

On the final day, the former husband and father faces the ultimate dilemma. Should he attempt to survive in a dead world to prevent mankind's extinction? Or should his life end today, like everyone else's?

Simon doesn't want to be the one left behind when all that he ever knew is already gone, but choice was never an option. His fate has already been decided for him.

Dust is a gripping tale about strength and survival, family and love, heartache, and loss. When the world comes to an end, would you want to be the last man standing?

'A story which fits with the time(s) we are now living in. With flash-backs to the past and parts in the now. A surreal world, but in a way also not surreal. A world with certain people who have the power. And does peace fit in with that? With as a result a big cloud of dust which kills everything.
Or everything? Simon is chosen against his will to survive. But does he want to go on? First book I read from this writer. A book which I couldn’t stop reading, because I wanted to know what was going to happen next or what happened in Simons past before the dust and before he was chosen. A story with some twists, but they fit into the story. A story which is an easy read.
I am going to read more books of this writer for sure.'
- Reader review 5 stars - Goodreads

Additional Information:

Published 2019 (Hamley Books) - English translation available

ISBN: 9789082893977 - 236 pages - Paperback

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