Ellowyn's Tower (YA Fantasy)

By Cathinca van Sprundel


A freestyle retelling of Rapunzel mixed with ancient Welsh legends and LGBTQ+ representation. 

A lonely tower, a petrified army and a princess who seeks her brother, but finds love instead. Merryn's brother Arthen only has to do one thing to become king: prove himself by going to the lost domain and finding a bride or a miracle. Merryn anxiously awaits for his return, until she discovers
that some courtiers are plotting Arthen's downfall. Merryn travels to the lost
domain herself to warn Arthen. Once there, however, she stumbles upon a tower, in which the unworldly girl Ellowyn lives. 


Who is Ellowyn, and can Merryn possibly save her too...? A story about bravery, overcoming your fears. and queer love.

Additional Information :

To be published October 2021 (Dutch Venture Publishing) - Reading Sample in English - 70.000 words

Rights: World

Cathinca van Sprundel is the author of a series of children's books based on Welsh mythology. Her debut novel, The Lady of Myrdin, has received favorable reviews and is pefect for fans of Tonke Dragt's early work.