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Energetic Anatomy

An Illustrated Guide to Understanding and Using the Human Energy System

By Mark Rich

An illustrated guie to understanding and using te huma energy system - Blackbird Literary Agency

Human energy was easy for Mark Rich to see, play with and explore as a child. After church leaders made him afraid of it, he shut down his sight at great cost to himself. Decades later, his sight returned during intensive martial arts training. Since that time, he has devoted himself to studying advanced energy applications with martial arts masters and world-renowned tracker and healer Tom Brown Jr. Over the past 21 years, Mark has honed these skills and improved the health of thousands of individuals in his work as a shamanic energy medicine practitioner, a licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer, and certified developmental Alphabioticist (DA). He has two black belts, and teaches energetic anatomy workshops and intuition trainings based on his book Intuition. His website is


'If you are interested in the subtle systems of the body [Energetic Anatomy] is one of the best books there is. I put it on a par with Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine and Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light and Light Emerging.'
- Dr. Richard G. Petty, Top 1000 Review on

Energetic Anatomy is a groundbreaking primer on the Human Energy System. It explores powerful and largely unknown energy structures never before covered in-depth in any book. In addition to more commonly-known energy forms like the aura, meridians and chakras, this book reveals the form (anatomy) and function (physiology) of the layers, the energetic core, the tubes complex, and the cords bundle.

Ancient texts mention these energy forms. After noting these references, author Mark Rich shares proven methods for perceiving and using the structures to dramatically enhance one's energy and performance capabilities, heal disease, discover the hidden agendas of self and others, and ethically make the most of these expanded capacities. 

People all over the world have used these step-by-step instructions open their sight and use these astonishing energies to benefit themselves and their communities. Readers will learn to see and feel where their energy comes from; they will discover how to use it, increase it, share it and heal themselves on every level—physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. In addition, simple, effective exercises enable students to heal energy blocks by identifying and transforming destructive beliefs and negative emotional states.

Energetic Anatomy also explores external energetic forms like the widely-known web that connects all life, as well as the eagle and the rolling force, which have never before been discussed in detail. Although this slim manual is required reading in several energy medicine schools, it is written so that lay people can easily understand it. This second edition includes new exercises, a new chapter on integrating use of these structures with the body and the natural world, and new practices for remaining in integrity while using these powerful capacities.

Additional Information:

Published 2011 (Wave of the Future)

ISBN: 978-0974927107 – 212 pages – Paperback

Rights: World (Excl. World English, Bulgaria & Estonia)

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