Free Stroke (YA Contemporary/New Adult)

Suzanne Peters

Free Stroke

Suzanne Peters (1985) is a fulltime copywriter and author. Besides writing, she loves to read. Every year she devours dozens of books. Suzanne likes to keep challenging herself and loves to learn new things.

An intense new adult novel with contemporary themes about the dangers of social media

'You have a top-notch motivation, that has always been one of your stronger
assets,' he said. 'But you can't play sports at top level like this.' The school
principal didn't even look at her as he addressed her. 'We have to think
about your healing process. It's better if you don't finish the year.' Evi swallowed. She didn't want to hear this. Was he serious? She couldn't miss
swimming - not for an entire school year.

Due to an injury, Evi has to take a break from her sports studies. She decides to take a tempory job at the local pool, where she meets a sexy water polo

player - and the attraction between them is obvious from the start. That's why Evi doesn't understand why Mick keeps her at arm's length....

What should have been a great evening out ends up like nightmare for Steven. He is falsely accused of rape on Facebook. The power of social media
wreaks havoc on his life and before he knows it, he is a pariah in his own town. How can he pick up his life from here? Two people struggling with pain they'd rather not show. Two lives that collide in unexpected ways.

‘This is the kind of book that should be read in every classroom around the
country. A total must-read and page turner!’
Bright Blue Books, YA book

Additional Information:

Published 2020 (Dutch Venture Publishing) - Full manuscript in English available - 63.000 words

Rights: World