Heart of Glass (15+)

part 1 of trilogy

By Miranda Peters

Heart of Glass.jpg

Miranda Peters already wrote dreamline stories at age 10, with fantastical titles such as The Miraculous Bird, The Dream Cloud, and The Mysterious Tree. Years later, she decided to truly pursue a career in writing after discovering the YA fantasy genre. Her first novel Heart of Glass is part of a trilogy.

Hester loses her dad in a car accident she cased at age ten due to her superhuman powers. She herself survives the accident unscathed. She has felt tormented because of her father's death ever since. Where do her freak powers come from?

Fast forward seven years and Hester is trying hard to fit in as a regular and popular girl in high school. Her best friend is the only one who knows about her superhuman strength. But on the night of her seventeenth birthday, Hester has a strange dream in which she meets Siem, a gorgeous boy who seems to have the same strange powers she does. 

Why does she keep dreaming about him? And why is he so like her? None of her questions are answered when she meets Siem in real life, but Hester doesn't care - she falls head over heels for the handsome boy. Soon after, they are cased by black-clad figures in masks on several occasions. What do there men want with them? Do they have the key to the mystery that lies at the heart of their bizarre physical strenght...?

An exciting and down-to-earth book series set in the eastern part of Holland.

Additional Information :

Published 2018 (Dutch/Dutch Venture Publishing) - Synopsis in English

ISBN: 9789492585134 - 290 pages (80.000 wrds) - Paperback


World Rights Available (Excl. Dutch)