By Joanne Carlton

Hell City - Joanne Carlton

Joanne Carlton is author of the heartfelt Young Adult novel Heart-Beat and Young Adult thriller Kill Me Again.

Previously published six successful books (four Young Adult and two thrillers) in Dutch in Belgium and the Netherlands under pen name Sandra J. Paul.

Mother of three boys (including identical twins!), loves to write, reading, cats and tea.


She wakes up in a burning city. On day one, the monsters discover her. On day two, she learns to defend herself. On day three, a dog saves her life.

And that changes everything.


Hell City. The Final Stop.

'I would like to mention that I read the English version of this novella. Hell City - Final Stop surprised me in a positive way. The story was fast paced, never boring and the world sounded interesting. I could clearly imagine what the main character was going through both physically and mentally. It made me wonder what I would do in such a world.
There were some things I could guess about the story, but to me that's rarely an issue. It's all about the character's journey. The only things that I could find wrong with this novella are some typos and a few unclear switches to another character. All of this didn't bother me much. This is the first time I've read one of Joanne Carlton's works. I'm looking forward to discovering more from this Belgian writer.' 
- Reader Review 4 stars - Goodreads

Additional Information :

Published 2020 (Hamley Books) - Complete English translation available

ISBN: 9789463967211  - 200 pages - Hardback 

World Rights