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Her Allies

A Practical Toolkit to Help Men Lead through Advocacy

By Hira Ali

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An inspiring leadership trainer and career coach, Hira Ali has been committed to helping others achieve their potential through-out her award-winning career. She is an Associate Certified Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a licensed Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.


Hira is also a successful entrepreneur who has launched several businesses to support her mission, including Advancing Your Potential, Career Excel, International Women Empower-ment Events and most recently, The Grey Area, which focuses on decoding inclusion. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Huff Post, and Entrepreneur, among hundreds of other TV, radio and print outlets, and earned Hira several prestigious honours

At its core, Her Allies: A Practical Toolkit to Help Men Lead Through Advocacy offers men the strategies they need to become powerful advocates for gender equality. But, at its heart, this book is an invitation to all men who are willing to take that bold first step and transform good intention into meaningful action.


Those men with the courage to read on will embark on a progressive journey that ends only when women realise the same opportunities, recognition, and respect that men already command. Her allies aren't committed to this journey for personal gain; these selfless pioneers know that their children and grandchildren will reap the rewards of their efforts for generations to come.

'A practical, solid and enlightening guide that details everyday actions allies can take to support women at work and in communities.' - Afzal Khan CBE, Member of UK Parliament

'Hira Ali does it again! Another must have book. Her Allies offers practical suggestions in a truly engaging way; the structure and layout is spot on, encouraging the reader to learn to challenge themselves before moving on to challenge others and the system at large! Absolute must- read for anyone who wants to change their culture for good!' - Vanessa Vallely OBE, MD (WeAreTheCity)

Additional Information :

Published 2021 (Neem Tree Press) - ISBN: 9781911107477 - 240 Pages - Paperback - Rights: World

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