The Guide to a Balanced Life
By Stef Mintiens



For more than 25 years author Stef Mintiens, trained in both conventional and natural medicine, has been successfully helping his patients getting cures from all kinds of (chronic) health issues.


Mintiens claims that anyone can improve their health by following these 5 simple steps:

  • Know what you eat

  • Exercise

  • Have a positive mental attitude

  • Live healthy without stressing about it

  • Take responsibility for your own health


Herbatheek (Herbal Pharmacy) is a very practical and easy manual for a healthy and above all playful lifestyle. In it's more than 300 pages you will find:

  • Tips for a healthy lifestyle

  • Clear advice and explanations on common health issues

  • The nutritional contents of basic food ingredients (from breakfast to ice cream)

  • A useful herbs A to Z

  • Healthy and delicious recipes for each season

  • Detox and purification tips

  • Kneipp hydrotherarpy manual

  • Unique illustrations by Ervin Vanmol


Main goal of his work is to make people aware that a healthy, natural lifestyle is easy (not time consuming) and fits in a normal everyday life. Trying out the advice in the book will soon show how much energy you can gain, how health problems can disappear and how easy it is to make delicious and healthy food.



Additional Information:

Independently Published 2014 (Dutch) - Complete English translation

ISBN: 9789076541815 - 304 pages - Paperback

World Rights Available

Stef Mintiens studied Dentistry, and did several courses in Germany in the field of alternative health. He uses the knowledge (acupuncture, homeopathy, EAV and Kneipp Hydrotherapy) he acquired there everyday in his practice in Gent. He gives workshops and passes on his knowledge via his blog, and facebook. www.herbatheekgent.be/herbatheek-boek

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