Holy Moly (4+)

We Will Teach You How You Can Achieve Whatever You Want

By Roberta van Melick

Illustrated by Valentina Art


Roberta van Melick, an author based in The Netherlands, who has written a picture book (there is a translation in English attached). Roberta is 36 years old and has worked as a sitter/childminder. She has also worked as a parenting coach for wealthy families and Dutch celebrities. Roberta has had training from Hansje Gortz (Grotz&Crown). Hansje Gortz was a nanny for the Dutch Royal family. When she worked for her family as a nanny, she always did affirmations before school with the kids, and before bedtime. This gave her the idea for Holy Moly. She is very interested in traveling to the UK if necessary for promotion, etc.

Holy Moly is created and powered by children.


Children are the future and we want them to have a positive, confident life, and teach them how to connect their 'inner world' with their outward bahaviour/actions/ideas. If you can teach children at a young age that they are amazing, that they can achieve whatever they want, to dare to dream big, that it will manifest. It will give them positivity, confidence, creativity and most importantly self-acceptance. 


The author does this through her children's book series: Holy Moly and this is the first book. They are short stories where (modern) families teach their child(ren) that they can create whatever they want through affirmations. It also includes small exercises for the whole family.



Additional Information:

Published: 2020 - Complete translation available - 24 pages - Colour & b/w illustr - Rights: World (incl. World English)