Holy Moly 4+

We Will Teach You How You Can Achieve Whatever You Want

By Roberta van Melick

Illustrated by Valentina Art


Holy Moly is created and powered by children.


Children are the future and for them we want to build a lifestyle focusing on teaching children to grow in their inner world so it will bloom in the outer world. We know everything happens from the inside and if you teach children at a young age that they are amazing, that they can achieve whatever they want, to dare to dream big that it will manifest. It will give them positivity, confidence, creativity and most importantly self-acceptance. 


We do this through our children's book series: Holy Moly, short stories where (modern) families teach their child that they can create whatever they want through affirmations. Including a manifestation guide for their family, the whole family will benefit from it.


Holy Moly is more than only a book series, we also have a product line with the first (worldwide) affirmation dolls (with sound) which support children to affirm every day. 



Additional Information:

Published: 2020 - ISBN: 9789464026986 - 24 pages - Colour & b/w illustr

Rights: World