Book 3 of the Rémy Trilogy

By Lara Reims

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What will you do if you get the chance to start over again?

So many answers, so many question, so much sorrow. And than you have to do your exams. And learn to deal with the fact that your girlfriend has a new love. But than you discover what the reason is for the conflict between Zeger and thot. And what role is there for you to play. 

Rémi lives in a place full of magical technology. He is looking for the truth about himself and the world surrounding him. He has to do his exams. And is trying to get in to the Board of the Creodroom. Than there are these strange messages. It seems as if someone is helping him with the pieces of the puzzle. But who? And can they be trusted? 

The future of the Creodroom is becoming increasingly clear. Inseparable from the future of Rémi. From now on everything will be different.

Additional Information :

Published 2020 (Hamley Books) 

ISBN: 9789463967174 - 300 pages - Hardback 

World Translation Rights