Horse Mandalas
Mandalas: Circles of Calm and Creativity

By Miriam Nieuwe Weme 


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Miriam Nieuwe Weme is an author, illustrator and horse trainer. A former editor for Ama- zone equestrian magazine, she wrote and illustrated The Art of Natural Dressage. She lives in The Netherlands and owns two Shetland ponies, Blacky and Sjors.


‘An excellent book on making mandalas with specific frocus on ways to create a horse mandala using anatomy, horse movement and various poses. This is a great book for ideas on how to make your own horse mandalas. Easily one of my favourite books.’ – Reader review from


A book for all ages. These 46 original hand-drawn mandalas featuring horses are sure to inspire and delight.


The word mandala is taken from the Sanskrit word for circle, but mandalas are far more than just round shapes. Made up of simple elements yet sometimes marvellously complex, mandalas represent harmony and wholeness. People of all levels of artistic skill have designed and illuminated mandalas for centuries. Colouring mandalas is a relaxing pastime for children and adults alike that allows for the artist’s own creativity to flourish. For children in particular, mandala colouring is a great activity for school or home. The symmetry and repetition have a meditative affect, and the finished artwork can be shared on a card or as a gift.


The designs in this book were hand created by an artist who is as passionate about horses as she is about art. Her drawings celebrate horses for their strength, spirit and grace. In her introduction, Miriam Weme describes how she came to create these mandalas for others to colour. Charming videos of the drawings and samples of coloured mandala scan be found at the website Each of the 46 drawings offers a variety of ways to use crayons, pens, paint and more! Horse enthusiasts and budding artists of any age will enjoy taking a wonderful journey with these unique designs!



Additional Information:

Published 2012 (Dutch) - no text

ISBN: 9789021550954 - 54 pages - b/w illustr. – Paperback

Rights: World