Book 2 of Trilogy

By PJ Pancras

Imojiman cover.jpg

In this cli-fi novel VDR, the supercomputer who became human in the prequel Planet Paradroid, is wandering through the Wood Wibe Web and calls itself Imojiman, searching for the meaning of life. After all, is consciousness not more important than intelligence?


Via his human soulmate Stek, he ends up in El Sur, the desert of Espania. The inhabitants are outlaws who trade in humans and plutonium. In El Sur, Eco-activist and biologist Charlie Silverant controls her underground plantimperium. These surroundings, in which nature and technology come together in an unlikely way, are ideal for VDR to give free reign to his consciousness. Will he succeed in finding a way to reproduce?

IMOJIMAN (red). Published as paperback in 6 different colours, hardcover and eBook - for every reader's taste.

Additional Information:

Published 2019 (DIT publishers) - Climate-Fiction

ISBN: 9789082902730 -564 pages - Paperback/Hardback/Ebook

Rights: World (incl. World English)