How to master your skill to discern and follow your intuition using clear, time tested and proven knowledge and techniques

By Mark Rich

Everyone knows it is a good idea to follow their intuition, but can you do it all of the time? Is it difficult for you to tell the difference between your emotions and your intuition? Do you clearly understand what intuition is and how to follow it?


In Intuition, Mark Rich sheds light on these and other important questions. Using simple, clear language he helps you understand and master this important area of your life.


Read, then apply, this timeless wisdom to follow your intuition better than you have imagined and walk closer to your Maker.


Additional Information:

Published 2015 (Life Align)

ISBN: 978-0982584330 – 168 pages – Paperback

Rights: World (Excl. World English, Bulgaria & Estonia)

Human energy was easy for Mark Rich to see, play with and explore as a child. After church leaders made him afraid of it, he shut down his sight at great cost to himself. Decades later, his sight returned during intensive martial arts training. Since that time, he has devoted himself to studying advanced energy applications with martial arts masters and world-renowned tracker and healer Tom Brown Jr. Over the past 21 years, Mark has honed these skills and improved the health of thousands of individuals in his work as a shamanic energy medicine practitioner, a licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer, and certified developmental Alphabioticist (DA). He has two black belts, and teaches energetic anatomy workshops and intuition trainings based on his book Intuition. His website is


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