Ironheart (YA Fantasy)

Mara Li


Mara Li (1987) gets her inspiration from mythology and folk tales all over the world. Her first novel, The Voice of the Sea (part one of a trilogy) was nominated for the prestigious Harland Award for Best Dutch Fantasy Novel in 2015.

A historical fantasy set in 10th-century Ireland

Throughout her life, young weaver Cliona has been troubled by ominous  dreams. When her house is destroyed by a strange accident, she finds shelter
with the monks who once found her in the forest as a baby.


But her life really changes when a new landlord takes up residence in the nearby Oak Castle and takes an interest in her. Although Lord Declan seems to be a charming and generous man, Cliona has a feeling that he is keeping a dark secret.  What's more, his taciturn servant Cú is doing everything he can to scare her off.

But what if an ancient magic is brought to life and Cliona's loved ones are suddenly in danger? Will Cú be willing to fight by her side or will he betray her?

Additional Information :

Published 2020 (Dutch Venture Publishing) - Full English translation available - English version of the prequel (Winter Flame; 23,000 words) also available - 85.000 words

Rights: World

(Half Face sold to USA (Lands Atlantic Publishing)