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Jessie Wood and the Lost Diamond
By Tine Daelmans

Jessie Wood and the Lost Diamond

I, Tine Daelmans (b. 1997) graduated as a preschool teacher and care coordinator. My passions are dog grooming and writing. Writing a novel has been a busy activity for me in recent years. In fact, I started it when I was barely 12 years old. Jessie Wood was always a person I wanted to become inside, a person who dared to stand up for herself and a person who never gives up and keeps going, no matter what.

My big dream was for Jessie Wood to become known worldwide. I saw this book, writing this story as well as a screenplay for a typical Hollywood movie, one that has played out in my head many times and one that I wanted to share with others.

Jessie is a twenty three years old CIA agent in Los Angeles and is put on a very strange case. The case involves the "diamond of souls," a two-part gem that comes from the mythical island of Malubia and gives its possessor magical powers. That island lies hidden almost invisibly under an enchantment and is home to a bevy of strange creatures. It is the job of Jessie and her team to retrieve the diamond from the hands of a violent man (Jack Fox) who stole it and then return it to its original location before it is too late.


All the creatures on the island are in danger. If the diamond is not back in its temple in time, the atmosphere that sits over Malubia will break down. This will make the island visible and creatures will die from the unhealthy air they take in from us. But the creatures do not welcome them with open arms.

It will be a journey of horrors and dangers, a journey of choosing between life and death, a journey of choosing between flee or fight, as well as a discovery that makes the stone-hearted Jessie giddy. Secrets are about to be revealed and somehow there is no turning back.

Additional Information:

Seeking initial publication as well as Foreign Rights

approx 146 pages

Rights: World (incl. World English)

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