Judgement Day
By Robert Lankamp

It is the summer of 999 AD, only six months before Judgment Day. In his
castle sits young Sir Tristram of Cornouaille, who has lost his right arm in
battle. The Bishop of Auxerre desires Tristram’s support in the Papal wars –
Tristram’s good name would bring over other nobles. Tristram refuses the bishop’s proposal, upon which he is taken prisoner, his remaining arm is hacked off, as are his nose and lips. Left for dead, he is found by the beautiful Lady of the Lake, also known as the Nimue. She remakes Tristram a whole man, on condition that he serves her as her protector, the Knight Sans Merci.
The Nimue has a single weakness – her children. Centuries earlier, she fell
under the power of a wizard, who sired the three children on her.


She managed to escape, but still the Nimue’s life depends on the children: if they die, she dies. In spite of the Knight Sans Merci, the Nimue is captured by the Bishop of Auxerre. She stands trial for witchcraft. The Knight rescues her and her children, but not before one of them is killed. The Nimue blames the Knight, and flees to a secret lake deep in the forest, where the Knight finds them. He attempts to persuade the Nimue to take him back. He uses force, but the Nimue refuses. In the end, the Nimue’s children are dead, and she herself is gone. The Knight returns to Auxerre. He is alone. Without the Nimue, life has ceased to have meaning.



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