Light of Lorelei (YA Fantasy)

By Jen Minkman

Light of Lorelei

Lush descriptions of a fantasy-tinged Dutch culture, in a contemporary world
similar to ours, support evocative storytelling that should easily pique readers' interest.
 - Publishers Weekly


When Enna is gifted a strange musical device from the mainland, she begins to learn the secrets behind her island home. With haunting siren songs luring
people to their deaths, is she doomed to be taken by the sea?

Soon, she discovers that secrets are being kept from the islanders by the mayor of Skylge. With shadows lurking just beneath the ocean’s surface, not
everything is as it seems on the island of Skylge… An enthralling story full of
deep-sea mysteries, intrigue, and romance!

LGBTQ+ representation

Additional Information :

Published 2019 (Dutch/Dutch Venture Publishing) - Complete English translation - 108.000 words

Rights: World

Jen Minkman (1978) writes YA paranormal romance and dystopian fiction. Her novels have sold thousands of copies in English, Spanish and Dutch. She won 2nd prize in the prestigious Harland Awards 2016 (a Dutch award in recognition of outstanding novellas in the Dutch sci-fi and fantasy landscape) and hit the USA Today bestseller list in August 2017 as part of the Shattered Worlds YA paranormal collection.