​By Bibian Mentel

Bibian Mentel-Spee (born 27 September 1972) is a three-fold Winter Paralympics gold-medalist, and five-times world champion para-  snowboarding athlete from the Netherlands. Bibian Mentel won the paralympic gold in the snowboard cross discipline in the 2014 and 2018 Paralympic Winter Games, as well as banked slalom in 2018, despite battling cancer nine times since the beginning of the century, and winning her 2018 medals at age 45.

Mentel co-wrote two books about her life, career and struggles with cancer, and set up her own "Mentelity" foundation.

In 2012, Mentel was invested as a Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau.

Story of an amazing woman. A must read for anyone who wants to enjoy life to the max - Richard Branson Business magnate and philanthropist. Founder of the Virgin Group

Bibian Mentel was diagnosed with cancer nine times since the year 2000. In LIVE you can read how she manages, every time she is given bad news, to move on and make a conscious decision to live. For that is what she does. With all her heart. Every new day. Bibian inspires and motivates people - with or without cancer - to choose life, get everything out of themselves and grab their changes.

Bibian: If I were to sit down in a corner and mope if something bad happens to me, I would not have had much to enjoy over the past years. I enjoy all the good things in my life, and make sure that my body is in the best possible shape to fight against cancer. I do that by thinking positive, exercise, healthy eating and enough sleep. In addition you need good doctors and a fair bit of luck.

Lutske Bonsma conducted many interviews with Bibian Mentel and used them to write the book LIVE. Shortly after the publication of the Dutch version in November 2017, Bibian underwent two extremely risky operations on her neck. Three weeks later she set off for the mountains and in March 2018 she made the impossible happen when she won two gold medals at the Paralympics in South Korea. New interviews followed and these resulted in this updated version. Read how this world class snowboarder lives with cancer and enjoys life.

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