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Lola and the Red Balls

Tips for (creative) writing coaches and trainers

By Dolf Weverink, and others

Lola and the Red Balls

Dolf Weverink is an experienced copywriter, trainer and educator. In this book he shares his experiences with you and gives dozens of tips that will help you become an (even) better writing coach and writing trainer. With contributions from fellow coaches and trainers.


Dolf trains writing coaches and writing trainers, gives writing training and coaches writing professionals. Also from Dolf Weverink: Writing with courage and love – more results with better texts (2023)

'Can you take a look at this text?' Hans asks. Lola bends over the A4 sheet and thinks 'Wonderful! Make passive forms active, turn verbs back on, remove the difficult words and put the most important thing at the top.' She looks at Hans. 'I'll fix it for you, it will be ready at three o'clock this afternoon. Shall I email it to you?'


This is often how it goes, however this approach does not help Hans or Lola. Because with Lola as 'problem solver', Hans learns nothing. Neither does Lola, as she is already able to edit texts. As a writing coach you need to approach it differently. It is important to ask questions and, together with the author/writer, you try and find 'The Intention'. Working together you ensure that the text sparkles and attracts the attention of any reader.

The red balls mentioned in the title have everything to do with writing training; they are part of a game which helps participants to better their writing skills.


This book is for anyone who wants to encourage and teach others to create better texts and content. It can also be of use to managers and team leaders who wonder 'how do I ensure that our content improves?' The answer is 'by coaching and training your people. And by training your own writing coaches and trainers.' 

Additional Information:

Published 2023 (Leporello / Dutch) - English translation available - 228 pages (incl. illustrations) - ISBN: 9789079624454 - Paperback

Rights: World

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