Lost in Love

By Lizzie van den Ham

Lizzie van den Ham (1977) writes stories about forbidden love, which have sold thousands of copies in serial format on ebook platforms in 2016 and 2017. The author wishes to remain anonymous so no author portrait is available.

Lizzie van den Ham is a bestselling author of romance serials on iTunes and Kobo - Lost in Love has sold 10.000 copies


This serial has been in the top 100 bestselling books on iTunes, Google Play, and Kobo for more than a year!

What would you do if you found out that the hot guy you met at a concert in summer - and you've been chatting to on Facebook ever since - turns out to be one of your high-school students...?

It happens to Gemma Visser during her first year as an English teacher at the Thorbecke College. And the more she and Julian get to know each other at school, the harder it gets to deny the feelings that blossom between them. 

But is Julian really serious about her? And does Gemma like him enough to risk her job and reputation for him?

You'll find out in Lost in Love, the best-selling ebook serial by Lizzie van den Ham!


'The romance sizzles and sparks in Lost in Love. Written so engagingly that it grabs the reader at once and won't let go!' - Wendy Wenning for book blog Passion for Books.


Additional Information :

Published 2016 (Dutch Venture Publishing) - Sample & Synopsis in English available - E-book 


World Rights Available (incl. World English)