Love in Twin Bridges: Abby & Blake (18+)

Love in Twin Bridges Series - Book 1

By Debra Eliza Mane


Sarah Dalton grew up in the middle of nowhere in the countryside of Derbyshire and as a result has an over-active imagination. She has been an avid reader for most of her life. Sara mainly writes speculative fiction for young adults.


Her books range from the dystopian Blemished series to the supernatural Mary Hades series. She is currently working on epic fantasy series Land of Fire and Ash

What could be worse than finding your long-term boyfriend in bed with another woman? That's right - finding him with another man.

Abby loses her job and boyfriend on the same day, and in a rash decision decides to fly to Graceland with her rottweiler Elvis (aptly named because she is a huge fan of the King). But things don't quite work out the way she wants and she ends up in Montana instead, where she finds herself falling for the small-town charm of Twin Bridges - and two sexy cowboys she meets along the way.

The Love in Twin Bridges series consists of three books, each revolving around a different couple and all set in Twin Bridges, Montana. Each book can be read as a standalone novel.

The first part about Abby and Blake was launched in December 2017 and skyrocketed to #1 positions in the Dutch Kobo, iTunes and Amazon romance categories within a week. Two more books in the series will be published in 2018.


Additional Information :

Published 2017 (Dutch/Dutch Venture Publishing)

ISBN: 9789492585165 - 250 pages (90.000 wrds) - Paperback


World Rights Available (Excl. Dutch)