A story that mirrors the life of Arthur Rimbaud, and yet this is not Arthur Rimbaud. This is the story of a boy and then a man who longs to defy mortality, and in his search for immortality he writes the story of his life, his passion, his music, his successes, his failures.


The story is peppered with the words of others; Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine, Patti Smith, Jim Morrison, Jean Genet, Alan Ginsberg, the novel is a musical melange, lyrical poetry in Africa.


In writing this book the author has been inspired by the life and work of French Symbolist poets Arthur Rimbaud (1854–1891), Charles Baudelaire (1821–1867) and Paul Verlaine (1844–1896); inspired by … no less and no more. They changed the nature of existence through words; they were, and are, icons to many.


Most of the characters in this book are invented; most of the words are invented, and where they are not they depart in radical ways from what they were or are.



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Seeking initial publication as well as Foreign Rights

65.000 words - World Rights Available (incl. World English)


My Life is Feast
By Barbara Adair