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June 2020


Consideringt Muesli

Considering Muesli and other crunchy bits of life takes the classic fable to another level. Its snappy, witty, funny, sometimes cheeky takes on modern day issues like Brexit, Buddhism, breastfeeding in public, global warming or a simple thing like cheese will put an instant smile on your face.


Greatly enlarged by the awesome full color illustrations. Considering muesli is an ode to diversity and friendship. Life may suck, be beautiful or seem increasingly complicated but all things considered (including muesli) it's worth sharing. Enjoy the read.



In this cli-fi novel VDR, the supercomputer who became human in the prequel Planet Paradroid, is wandering through the Wood Wibe Web and calls itself Imojiman, searching for the meaning of life. After all, is consciousness not more important than intelligence?


Via his human soulmate Stek, he ends up in El Sur, the desert of Espania. The inhabitants are outlaws who trade in humans and plutonium. In El Sur, Eco-activist and biologist Charlie Silverant controls her underground plantimperium. These surroundings, in which nature and technology come together in an unlikely way, are ideal for VDR to give free reign to his consciousness. Will he succeed in finding a way to reproduce?

IMOJIMAN is published as paperback in 6 different colours, hardcover and eBook - for every reader's taste.



May 2020


Vietnam: James Schaap

'Dr. Jamy Schaap’s Vietnam: My War Five Decades Later is an insightful and heartfelt reflection of the Vietnam War through the teenage eyes of a Marine Grunt that lived the experience on the front lines. His reflection is now tempered by age and wisdom which puts the war, both for him and his generation, in much clearer perspective. Highly intense action, emotion, and humor abound.' — Colonel Stephen M. Pomeroy, USMC (Retired); Associate Director, School of Business Management, Norwich University


An Address in Amsterdam

'This compelling and emotionally touching tale brings the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands to light, told through the eyes of a courageous young woman determined to put aside her fears and risk all for the noble cause of resistance. - Laurel Corona, author of The Mapmaker’s Daughter and Until Our Last Breath: A Holocaust Story of Love and Partisan Resistance

An Address in Amsterdam was selected as a Kirkus Reviews Indie Book of the Month, and won the Sarton Women’s Book Award for Historical Fiction.


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