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Eastern Enlightenment in the World of Western Enlightenment

By Philip Renard

Philip Renard (1944) has always had a great interest in Zen Buddhism. He had years of training in Pathwork, and is the author of several books. In 2000 he founded the Advaya Foundation, to make the principle of universal non-dualism more known to people.


Stillness Speaks is pleased to offer this comprehensive Introduction to Philip Renard‘s book Non-Dualism: Eastern Enlightenment in the World of Western Enlightenment.  

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Nowadays the notion of Self-realisation is more popular than ever. Many books are devoted to this theme. The time seems ripe to offer a view that is more in-depth than most of the books now available. The notion of Self-realisation has been taken from age-old eastern ways of liberation, like Advaita Vedanta and Mahayana Buddhism. Many schools and teachers of these eastern ways of liberation reached the West as separate movements, each one conveying a message that seems to be different from the other. Investigation based on direct experience reveals that the core of some of these teachings is basically one and the same. What is this universal principle, this core on which some of these schools agree? This principle is non-duality. It is the understanding that reality is not just something ‘outside’ of a person, or just ‘inside’ a person, but they belong together. One’s true nature is not separate from a higher Principle, whatever this may be called. The notion of ‘Self-realisation’ means the realisation of this undividedness as one’s own nature.


In this book non-duality is recognized to be the underlying factor in all spiritual traditions, and so to be the real basis of all religions, East and West. What we need right now is that non-dual understanding to be integrated in our modern western world – which by now has become a global world. This would mean integration of two completely different interpretations of the term ‘enlightenment’. The western interpretation, which has its origin in the 18th-century Age of Enlightenment and its emphasis on reason and mental understanding, is at odds with the eastern one, which is based on an Understanding that precedes the mental one.


Such integration is entirely new. Two completely different world views are colliding with one another. Of course this can’t be accomplished overnight. This book will show you how to make this happen.



Part I – The Direct Way to Liberation 

Part II - Some Details of the Great Tradition 

Part III - Non-Dualism Penetrates the West

Part IV - The Gradual Integration of the Direct 



Additional Information:

Published 2005/2010 (Dutch) - Complete English translation

ISBN: 9789021543583 – 334 - Paperback

Rights: World (incl. World English)

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