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Removal of the President

By Peter van Oossanen

Removal of the President

Peter van Oossanen, the author of this book, holds an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. from Delft Univ. of Technology in the Netherlands. he is a scientist and author. He has authored more than 100 scientific papers and written 5 books on different scientific subjects.


This novel is his debut into the realm of fiction - the realm of science fiction. He has used his knowledge of physics and engineering to describe the means the hero of his book is given to perform the task he has been designated for in such a way that these become realistic and understood by readers with only a modest understanding of the subject matter. 


After the United States elects a new president, the world is informed of his dangerous ‘USA One and Only’ policy, which threatens to lead to a new Cold War or worse. When Sam Stanton, the senior advisor of previous presidents, finds out that the incumbent president has ordered the CIA to secure enough support in Congress for his ‘One and Only’ policy by whatever means, the Stanton family decides to share this information with the Washington Post in an effort to have the president and vice president impeached and removed from office. The situation escalates when the CIA murders the investigative reporter assigned to research the case. This leads Sam and his son, Sam Junior, to decide to protect the next reporter assigned to the task. The rogue CIA group, formed by the CIA director to carry out the order of the president, then embarks on an all-out effort to eliminate the Stanton family.

The main theme developed in this book builds on what the president of the USA is capable of when he avails himself of devious means to reach his ambition. This is the third book featuring Sam Stanton and his family. It is sufficiently independent of the previous two volumes (“The Experiment” and “Crash and Burn”) to allow its reading without referring to them directly. However, a reading of the two previous volumes will provide a more profound understanding of how Sam Stanton became the designated executant of the plan that had been drawn up by the people who were concerned about the direction in which society was heading. It is also important to understand the way in which Sam prepared for his task and the instruments he was given to accomplish it. He chose to accept the role he was always predestined to take, believing he could achieve the goals that had been set before he was born. The books belong to the realm of soft science fiction.

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Not yet published - Complete English translation

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